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How many guests per room?
Our rooms can accommodate up to a maximum of 5 people - whether they're playing or not.
Is hourly charge based on the person?
No, the hourly charge is based on room, not by person.
Are minors allowed?
Yes, minors are highly welcomed at Golf Park.
Is it possible to rent the clubs?
Club rentals are available in Our Airdrie and Brentwood location, and the number of clubs is limited, so you must inquire at time of booking.
Can I come to Golf Park without a booking?
Yes, it is possible, but if all rooms are booked, you cannot use the facilities. We always recommend booking a few days in advance.
Can I change or cancel my booking?
You can change your booking anytime, but if you need to cancel your booking, please provide a minimum of 24 hours notice.
Does Golf Park have a dress code?
Golf Park does not have a dress code.
Does Golf Park offer private lessons or a junior program?
Yes, Golf Park offers a variety of private lessons and junior golf programs.
How long does it take to complete 18 holes?
Typically, it takes approximately 1 hour per person to complete 18 holes.
Are there any foods and drinks in Golf Park?
Yes we provide a variety of food, Alcoholic and Non-Alcoholic beverages.
Is Golf Park wheelchair accessible?
Yes, Golf Park is wheelchair accessible.

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